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Welcome to the page that tells you all about my newest ebook teaching YOU how to find and sell
Little Golden Books.

Did you know there are more than 2 billion copies of Little Golden Books floating around the world? Further, there are well over 200 titles worth picking up and placing on the secondary market for those nostalgic Little Golden Books collectors.

What does this mean for you?

It means that LGB collectibles are not rare but the collectible titles are scarce. They can be found with a little bit of education. LGB has well over ONE THOUSAND titles published.

If you only dabble with selling online, our ebook will teach you identify what’s valuable and perhaps you can flip a book for a quick $20, $50 or even $100 on eBay, Amazon, Etsy or your website!


  Little Golden Book Turning Books into Gold

Your eBook PLUS Bonuses

Price $21.98

  • Know which illustrators will always sell well
  • Discover why knowing the history of Little Golden Books publishing will affect your pricing of your collectible book
  • Learn what one major mistake will kill your credibility as a person selling Little Golden books even if it is a hobby
  • Know which books are early editions without opening the cover
  • Learn how to quickly identify first editions with 100% accuracy
  • Know the absolute not even looking at the inside “snap up this kind of LGB” trick
  • Discover the several editions of Little Golden Book derivatives and which are worth picking up
  • Learn what is especially unique to the LGB collector’s market and how to find such gems
  • Become well versed in cover art by a simple but powerful method you will gain access to and will take less than five minutes daily to hone your valuable book knowledge skills
  • Find out how with no subscriptions to scanner services you will still be miles ahead of the scanner laden sellers who do not know what to look for at the sale



Included are several boards of pictured titles so your eye will be trained to look for the cover art making it easier to become familiar with the books.

Another whole guide depicting exactly which Giant Golden Books have been sellers for us over the years and which are easily spotted and how we sell them.

 Little Golden Book eBook PLUS Bonuses
Price $21.98