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Russell and Lillian Hoban

A hint to booksellers around the holidays is to overprice vintage children’s books rather than under price. Books tend to sell for more during the holidays. This is true also for the classic Christmas books. Ordinarily these books don’t sell for as much as I have recently sold them for

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Edmund Dulac

Edmund Dulac 1882-1953 Writing descriptions for these books is not as cumbersome as one might think. The key is to list on eBay and take excellent pictures of the illustrations. You want to place at least four or five in the listings. This illustrator has been reprinted numerous times in

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Charlot Byj Vintage Books

Known for her greeting card artwork Charlot Byj (pronounced BUY) illustrated adorable winter scenery pictures of children in the 1940s. Her most memorable creatures were red headed children. These children became her trademark. The best known are Raggy Shabby O’Hair, his sister Raggy Muffin, and their mother, M’Lady O’Hair. These

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