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Vintage Catalogs for Resale

Catalogs are the name of the game! Yard sailing is the perfect place to be looking for these gems. Do you remember our first yard sailing training point? Always ask! Here’s a great question to drop at all your buying places, “Do you have more books, catalogs, ….. inside or somewhere else that

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Get the Home Run Guide Compiled by Janelle Elms

Love this ebook. It is called The Homerun Guide because it’s going to cause you lots of  wins in finds. I was honored to write a vintage children’s book guide for this ebook. If you at all sell on either eBay or Amazon you will certainly benefit from The Homerun

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Book Pricing Strategy for eBay and Amazon

From my inbox: How do you decide on a pricing strategy for children’s books when there are no books on Amazon in which to guide you?

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