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Three Simple Tweaks to be Efficient in Business

This is the season that many sellers list and cull and reprice. Keep in mind that we still should be attending sales, thrift stores or our favorite scouting places, cleaning, and inventorying books all while packing books to get out the door. This can totally overwhelm the solo bookseller. What’s a

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Eloise Wilkin a Collectible Illustrator

Eloise Wilkin’s adorable illustrated children are found nearly everywhere. You can bet many of her books appeal to the collector’s market. You can’t miss her books. She was featured mostly on the Little Golden Books of the 50s and 60s. Look for the children with the chubby faces and hands.

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Sell Children’s Books Inner Circle Membership Details

If you sell books online or want to learn how to, this website will save you at least five hours of your time each week! We save you the tedious work of research time in learning the book selling trade. Valuable Books Monthly Hot Lists Report and the Sell Children’s Books exclusive membership is a goldmine of information. You get access to a new file of over sixty titles every single month. Load the lists into your scouting book and go! Not only will you get insider information every month but instruction to have a better online business.

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