Planning Your New Year

Traverse City SEO StrategyBest wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

So did your year go well? I sure hope so. It can always be better, though, no? I have an old article on how to change your thinking to make your goals become reality. Successful Mind Strategies is the name of the article should you feel so inclined.

I am evaluating my goals as we head into another year. I am setting the bar at double income. That is too ambitious for many but I also opened a brick and mortar book shop in October so I worked online only about 15 hours a week last quarter. You? Where’s your bar? Feel free to respond either at the site in the comments box or email me. Telling someone your goal helps solidify it in your mind.



A goal without a plan is only a dream at least that’s what they say BUT as Brian Tracy says goals in writing are dreams with deadlines.

So be sure to implement a plan to reach your goals. Write it down! The best way I know how to set a goal is by reverse engineering… let’s say the financial goal is $80k gross. First look at your stats for the last quarter and expect that much x a third. So mine were $15k + another $5k is $20k. Now I will divide the rest ($60 by 9) so that’s approximately $6.5. So before the fourth quarter I have to earn $6,500 gross a month. Now to achieve that I need to look at my average per item sale and how many I sell a month. Obviously I want to double the work I currently do. That would take, it seems, not only double the effort but triple. So I need to list $600 a day and 1200 items a month sold or go for higher dollar margins. Once I get those figures, I can break that down by hourly listing and acquisition time and I have my daily activity plans. Make sense?

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  1. I do have the Home Run Guide. Havent really put in the necessary time to work through that badly needed information.

    I’m going to dedicate 1 hour a day to get through it to look for at least three different niches.