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Learning about Lotting Our Books

When the market is a little soft sometimes it helps to be a bit ingenious with your listings. At present, many booksellers are finding success with lotting paperback book series. These are an excellent find when picked up on the bag sale. I recommend not spending more than a quarter or so on each title […]

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Mission Statement; Do You Have Yours Written?

Planning for success. Writing your mission statement. Do you know what your goals are? Think of your goals as the objectives to complete the mission. Like the saying goes if you don’t know where you’re going you’ll surely get there. The mission statement is a parameter that envelopes the goals. An

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Thingamu …..What?? Collectible Book Alert

Some things just are learned as you go along in your trade. This particular series has several books worth about $30.  Click here to see the Thingamujig completed sales on eBay There are several titles in this particular series: Dos and Don’ts Book of Manners Health and Safety Christmas Help

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Video Training

We have a tutorial of The Three Investigators uploaded to You Tube for your convenience. The link is here Three Investigators

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Vintage Catalogs for Resale

Catalogs are the name of the game! Yard sailing is the perfect place to be looking for these gems. Do you remember our first yard sailing training point? Always ask! Here’s a great question to drop at all your buying places, “Do you have more books, catalogs, ….. inside or somewhere else that

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How Can I Hire the Kids to Help Sell Books?

What about the Kids Jobs with the Online Business? Can I Hire my Kids to Help? A frequent question I am asked is what jobs can we do with the kids. I admit kids jobs are not always the easiest to find even if you are there to help them

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How to Tell if Your Book is Valuable

Did you find that $25,000 book? Is that book you found in your grandfather’s attic valuable? How will you know? HINT: Old does not equal valuable. Now you should have a pile of books to research. Remember research in the front end will save you both time and money and

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Where the Wild Things Are – First Edition Points

Maurice Sendak died May 2011.  The latest sale of a true first edition of Where the Wild Things Are was on sold for $25,000. This is the third highest sale for Abebooks ever. First edition points: 1) Harper & Row, 1963 2) the LOC number on book’s title page

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To Kill A Mockingbird – First Edition Points

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee Only 5000 copies of the first edition. It has a blurb about Truman Capote on the inside book jacket flap. He is the photographer of Harper lee the author. To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel by Harper Lee published in 1960. It

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Planning Your New Year

Best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year. So did your year go well? I sure hope so. It can always be better, though, no? I have an old article on how to change your thinking to make your goals become reality. Successful Mind Strategies is the name of

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