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Did you know selling cookbooks is an excellent way to sell items on the internet? One of the best ways to get your feet wet in selling on the internet is by selling books. Cook books are especially easy since the collecting market is so broad and many sellers don’t bother with cook books.

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We just created our e-report of over 50 cook book titles (now updated to reflect over 70!!) making more than $40 online. This report took a couple days to organize and research. Yes, you can take the time and learn the titles on your own through your own research using your own time for free. Or you can buy our special report and use your time to go out and actually find these books. Many of them are surprisingly common and may even be sitting on your shelf right now.


Would you know anything about this cook book? Would you bother scanning it?


Luby’s Cafeteria 50th Anniversary Recipe Collection. Sold for $78!

Here’s what’s so wonderful about Luby’s: 
For over 65 years, Luby’s has forged a unique relationship with its customers. The emotional connection Luby’s has with its diner is unlike any other restaurant company in America, Luby’s success is due, in part, to consistently serving good food at reasonable prices. Another and no less important ingredient to that success is the understanding that meals can provide more than just nourishment. They can be memorable times that add warmth and meaning to all of our lives.



Would you grab this if you saw it at the thrift store?

A treasury of Great recipesA Treasury of Great Recipes by Mary & Vincent Price. Sells for a consistent $80

In 1965, Mary and Vincent Price published A Treasury of Great Recipes–now regarded as the one of the world’s most beloved cookbooks. This beautifully-designed tome features recipes collected by Vincent and Mary at restaurants around the world, including original menus from classic restaurants and wonderful photographs by the great William Claxton. Written in Vincent’s lively and accessible prose, the book captures the beginnings of the foodie movement in the United States, and also affords a glimpse into the celebrity lifestyle of the Prices.

A Treasury of Great Recipes has come to be regarded as “one of the most important culinary events of the 20th century” (Saveur Magazine) and was recently named the eighth most popular out-of-print book of any kind by Booklist. It has inspired countless chefs, garnered fans from around the world, and recently spawned many supper clubs who have been “cooking and eating Vincent” around the world.

In 2015, Calla Editions of Dover Press will be publishing the 50th anniversary edition of this classic, with a comprehensive new introduction by Vincent and Mary’s daughter, Victoria Price. This website will chronicle Victoria’s journey back in time as she revisits many of the restaurants in the original book, as well as its current fans, who have kept the legacy of this classic alive. From:


Hot Tip~ Find fund raiser church and community cookbooks and lot them at about, oh, ten to fifteen books. You know, the little spiral bound and pamphlet type books. Auction them and watch them soar. Be sure to never under price these on eBay’s Buy It Now. Search on community cookbook and see what we are talking about.


What about this mass market paperback?

partridge familyThe Partridge Family Cookbook. Yes, a quick $75 on eBay!

Why Sell Books online? There are so many very good reasons to start selling books online.

  1. Books are commonly found.
  2. You can obtain the books at a very low investment. In most cases less than $1!
  3. There is a huge market for books. eBay’s number two most commonly searched category is books.
  4. There is potential to make GREAT money in resale if you are educated.
  5. Books can be easily listed online using templates where you just fill in the information. This lends itself well to family members helping you.
  6. Marketing can be really fun since there are so many book loving online groups, author and illustrator fans, and collectors.
  7. Packing supplies are minimal in investment and time saving since you are dealing with one size and non fragile merchandise.
  8. You can save your customers LOTS of money by using the post office’s special services to ship.
  9. Overall the book selling niche is quite rewarding since MANY people are blessed by a childhood find, a book they want for their child or the information they need to identify a long forgotten title.Above you see those the valuable cook books, now admit that you probably wouldn’t pick any of those up to sell, they just don’t look like much, do they?


Well, our list tells you EXACTLY what to pick up, regardless of what it looks like!

Visualize: An old book that looks like it could belong to grandma! So you leave this downright worthless-looking cookbook sitting on the table at a garage sale or library book sale without buying it. This is exactly like leaving 80 dollars just sitting there belonging to no one!

Don’t be fooled and leave money sitting on tables at your local library sales and thrift stores, stop the guesswork and get the real thing!

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