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Don’t overlook Secret Placesyour particular region for scarce or collectible books. A scanner comes in handy to find such gems but also having a feel for local touristy or popular authors, illustrators, or memorabilia of your region is a potential gold mine.

We live in the upstate NY area. One of our fun sleeper books is this small paperback titled Secret Places. We’ve grossed $200 on just three sales of this little tome. If you study the listings on Amazon, however, you can see that there is a wide variety of prices for this book. his is where knowing a bit more than the average seller pays off – handsomely. We have listed this book on Prime at an average sell price of $50. I can only presume but I’d be willing to bet that this book is a last minute buy for folks who are planning an excursion. They want it at their doorstep quickly.

The best way to research your particular city for example is to go to ebay’s sold listings. Click books and type in your keywords. In my case I used Rochester NY. Now I have several sold listings that show up. I can use those listings as a springboard to more research to get title ideas. Always double check on Amazon for the titles that sell well on ebay. Many times the price listings are higher so it may be a great idea for you to list there. You most likely will notice that yearbooks will surface in your sold listings search. This is a great thing especially if you notice a yearbook going for an unusually high sell through amount. It may be a famous person’s high school and it’s collectible. If you’re regional to that particular high school then run a Craigslist ad for that book. Sell it for way more than you paid. Arbitrage at it’s best.



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