Keyword Research for Ebay Sellers

Magnification glass over "search" wordI received a question about listing on eBay.  I thought I would give the question more thought and answer it here.


How do you know which keywords work well when listing on eBay?






Going Deeper with Keyword Research

The first response is to always look at your completed items and analyze the data. Of course you would look at top sellers then compare and contrast the usage of the title words.  You will be able to go back just over a week’s worth of listings in your completed items searches. If you want to go deeper in analyzing eBay’s site you will want to subscribe to one of the many services that store up to ninety days of information along with helpful pages in sorting the data complete with graphs and charts. My favorite paid for service is Terapeak. Watch a Terapeak eBay research demo. There’s a free trial available at the site. Hammertap offers a 10 day free trial service and a paid service which is five dollars cheaper than Terapeak.

As I thought more about keywords and doing the research, I thought how I do search engine optimization for my websites. Could I use that methodology for eBay’s listings? After all, a search is a search. No? I do some affiliate marketing and have authored a few ebooks. My side businesses are all about getting traffic to my websites. I have learned a great deal about seo (search engine optimization) and using the tools on the web for niche website and traffic research. Can I possibly use this research to answer the above question?  Here is what I found.

A little background first.

When I do research for selling in a niche I use several free tools online. A niche is a specialized field. Unearthing valuable  niches to eventually market from eBay to an off site store  would be a great side project to do for the entrepreneur who is so inclined. Think BANS (Build a Niche Site) or My eBay Script. The concept of BANS is here: BUT since eBay moved their affiliate program in house the My eBay Script site is more applicable for the updated Google searches if you want to pursue niche marketing. As an affiliate for Amazon, they allow site specific products through using an Astore on your website. This is the same as a BANS but it is Amazon specific. Think about how sweet that is. If you sell your product through your own websites with your affiliate link then you sell your product or book for 5% less commission. Every little bit helps. PLUS you’re getting your item listings ranked just abit higher through seo. That is worth way more than 5% more commission. Higher search rank is the king in internet marketing.

Oh yes, I was talking seo. Sorry about that brain dump there…
Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 6.57.37 PMEntered my broad search term (as explained on the audio for research in the audio training)  Tasha Tudor and it shows 193 searches. Notice other terms the user is entering which are search phrases. Click the link at each phrase and it will suggest more keywords further whittling down our parameters. I’m not certain if you need to have a membership to the tracker tool to see those results. A few years ago it was free to do that research.

Here is another free tool where I was able to do more in depth keyword analysis to see which other words would get more searches with the keywords Tasha Tudor.

What’s interesting is the next word was Christmas on the niched down results. Here the results showed Tasha Tudor as the #1 and Tasha Tudor Christmas as the #2 phrases. I then entered ‘Tasha Tudor Christmas’ as the keyword search phrase:

tasha tudor birds christmas 52

tasha tudor christmas pictures 23

tasha tudor forever christmas 3



Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 6.55.25 PM

So I went to the search engine on eBay and did a live search. Guess what keyword was in eBay’s best match top listings? Christmas. Screen shot left.

Is this valuable research to perform while listing your listings? Not really. It’s probably too in depth for determining keywords in a listing. Perhaps, though, it can help you in knowing what to keep an eye out for. At this point I am better informed that Tasha Tudor Christmas and Lefton collectibles are searched for on a regular basis even when the thermometer is over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Knowing the method of research is what I most wanted you to see.  Creativity with online selling is superior to the person who is listing books as widgets. He is hoping to get dimes out of books which can be sold for far more if only thought through a bit.  Not every book will require a level of thinking through an angle, but you may want to train yourself to have a bit of a system when it is worth while to do some digging.

It’s overkill and certainly deeper than many of us will ever need to go in understanding search engine optimization but I do have a free resource I’d like to share with you from a guy who worked for Google at one point. Dan Thies. You don’t even have to opt in. You can scroll down and just download the FREE ebook. It has 100 pages of content that is very helpful even in understanding deeper issues with how the bots and spiders index words you use on the internet. I think one day as sellers online we’ll have to all have at least a brief understanding of this. Enjoy. Click here for the free download.

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