How to Conduct Research in Your Book Selling Niche


research-keyboardI have a research audio found in the Gold Membership pages giving my best tips for research and how to quickly conduct it. I highly recommend you listen to that audio. The comments I have received are raving about the content.

In the meanwhile, I want to give out a few pointers for both the beginner in book selling and the long time bookseller. The trick to this trade is to stay on top of the market. As you know, the market fluctuates quite a bit. You may research a title and find its value has substantially increased the last several months. This increase may be due to a recent surge in interest in an out of print title due to a movie production, or a recently deceased author or illustrator, or the title reprint also went out of print. Those are only a few reasons for the possible value increase.

The best way to find a quick summary of a book value is through several searches. The search engine which brings up several online bookseller venues is . Keep in mind these are asking prices. Find the median price for a like copy and estimate the book’s worth that way. You will also want to go to eBay and run a completed item search. This gives you an idea of the demand for the book by checking how many have sold, how many are online and for what price they have sold for. Check Amazon. There will be the odd time you can’t find the book even after running a good old fashioned Google search. Many sellers will then put the book online with a very high asking price and then incrementally bring it down.

Let’s take a look at how to find the valuable book titles to start with. I recommend running searches on titles you see sell at your favorite bookseller’s websites. You may want to check an illustrator or author name of a well selling children’s book. You definitely want to look at my monthly top ten list. Craig Stark offers a monthly file that has several valuable titles along with strategies to sell books for over $35 and $50.

Be sure to look at the recommending titles on the Amazon page that you have come up when you see the book sell.

Screen shot of a collectible book listed on Amazon titled Cranberry Christmas:


Screenshot (1)Scroll down right under the information about the book listed you will see suggested titles. Many times you can see the prices under the titles which saves time from clicking but it’s just as easy to click on the title.




For lack of space in this article I can not include many other tricks helping me to find titles otherwise unknown that are collectible. I suggest you do research no less than an hour or two a week. Start a file online or a book scouting notebook for each found title. If you’re a member, listen to the audio in our Gold Membership pages to get nearly two hours of this kind of information.


This site has many interesting facts about books people have had trouble identifying. They may remember a part of a plot or a title and then contact the site. The question is posted along with the answers. You can learn much about in demand books at this site. They have categorized some of the more frequent requests.

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