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 … I love what you are doing and I share your approach to selling books. Right now, it is a hobby for me slow and steady and a tight profit margin. I have re-invested sales into learning the business. I do a lot of reading in the book World and it seems like a slow process to assimilate all the information, but then there are days when it all comes together. As an example, I needed to take  my 14 year old son to get a book at the local library. There on the sale rack was a complete Time Life set of civil war books. There was a woman kneeled down with a scanner working the bottom shelf with no books in hand. My son checked out his book. I asked how much for the set? She told me $25 dollars and I said I would take it. She put the set in two boxes and wheeled it out to my car. I knew full well from the Book Jewels reports that this set would make me money, and it did. It sold for $100. I visit your site often and I like the changes and improvements that seem to come consistently. I like your attention to detail and the little extra’s you throw in. Great job!         

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