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Are you succeeding on eBay or Amazon as a book seller? Have your listings regretfully sold for less than $6?

Look at this picture. How much do you think my book sold for?

This is not an easy to find book, but if you were faced with the decision to buy it for resell, would you have known to buy it? How much would you have spent? $1, $2, $20 or even $50? This book consistently sells for over $70. This particular copy is a library discard.

Would you have snagged it if you saw it?

Hello, my name is Julie Anna Schultz, and I have been an eBay seller for over eleven years. We have been Powersellers almost from the very beginning. How were we so successful selling books? Glad you asked! 🙂

Well, it was not easy. I spent a full year watching auctions and researching the best selling books before ever creating a single listing and loading an auction on eBay. I knew I didn’t want to spend my valuable time making $3-$4 an auction. You don’t have to either! Get SMART!

Take advantage of my YEARS of research compiled into one website with down loadable reports. You can have a quick reference to check when you are faced with those ‘which books to buy’ decisions.

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