Eloise Wilkin a Collectible Illustrator

Eloise Wilkin’s adorable illustrated children are found nearly everywhere. You can bet many of her books appeal to the collector’s market.

You can’t miss her books. She was featured mostly on the Little Golden Books of the 50s and 60s. Look for the children with the chubby faces and hands. Such adorable creatures. I see why the baby boomers will pay dearly to get their hands on these books for their grands.

Eloise Wilkins are great lot books for the collector of her books. Get familiar with her high end books though; Twin Sisters, Night Before Christmas, Baby Brother, Good Little Bad Little Girl, Dolly and Me, My Visit and a few others.

The list of books she illustrated is lengthy. Not only are you going to be looking for Little Golden Books but their are several anthologies in which she was featured. One set that comes to mind is the Childcraft book sets. Be sure to write this valuable tidbit in your description.

Random House has released a collection of her stories entitled Eloise Wilkin Stories [Random House, 2005]. This collection includes some of her most beloved tales.

Also included in the book are poems from various collections. The poems include “Rain,” “The Swing,” and “At Sunset.”

Busy Timmy is the delightful story of a little boy who has learned to do many things around home and outside. Timmy is a big boy and the reader is encouraged to consider all the “big” things they can do as well.

Guess Who Lives Here is a guessing story that goes throughout the home introducing all of the family members, pets and other everyday people and animals through clues.

My Little Golden Book About GOD is a sweet and lovely illustrated book that teaches basic truths about God such as God is great, God is good and God is love.

Wonders of Nature is a beautiful book introducing children to the wonders of creation by using the term “Isn’t it a wonder that…”

We Help Mommy is the story of Bobby and Martha. This fun book shows all the different ways they help their mommy around the house from morning to bedtime.

Baby Listens is a fun story of all the different things the baby hears throughout the day from clickety-clack to snap to jingle to zoom zoom.

Baby Dear is perhaps one of Eloise Wilkin’s most beloved stories. It tells of a little girl who receives her own baby doll just before her Daddy brings her Mommy and new baby sister home from the hospital. (The book was so popular, it brought about the creation of an actual Baby Dear doll that is still highly collectible today.)

Baby Looks is similar in feel to Baby Listens. This story traces through baby’s day and all the special things he sees

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