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ebay keywordsSo what do you think relevancy and desirability have in common? They are the parameters eBay uses in gathering data on placing your listing in a buyer’s search page results.

When a buyer has a search phrase he enters into the search box eBay will determine relevancy by analyzing the historical behavior of the results of that search. For the search results which are close to your listing, eBay will look at how many times those listings have been clicked, added to a watch list,  bid upon and sold. If certain terms in the listings match best with the criteria then that result will have the highest or best relevancy.  Desirability is a supply and demand matrix eBay uses. If someone is searching for Tasha Tudor but Tudor house is what is clicked often then the supply will increase as the demand lessens for Tasha Tudor placing your listing lower on the search phrase Tasha Tudor. This is where long tail keyword phrases may help but I haven’t tested the results. Perhaps try using a phrase similar to Tasha Tudor hardcover in the title to avoid common crossover wording. Testing and playing with keywords is especially important when you have listings that are used over and over with bulk inventory.

You can test your results on eBay’s applications page. There are a few different tools we can use and analyze what is going to work for optimal results. Terapeak has a title building application in eBay’s tools and apps section. It’s free. I like free.terapeak

Terapeak keywords search gives you:

  • 20 suggested keywords, related to your search
  • Average, maximum and minimum prices for each suggested keyword
  • A self-refreshing suggestions list as you select additional keywords
  • The ability to build your title until you’ve used up all 55 characters
  • All data based on 100 recently-closed eBay listings

Title builder FREE keyword tool from Terapeak download

To learn more about how to use the keywords for eBay’s Best Match which is eBay’s default search parameter grab a copy of the Best Match Made Simple ebook I have in the free downloads section of our membership area. Not member? Join here.

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