Book Jewels Hot Book List March 2017

Book Jewels Book List March 2017 <—— Download this file

Are you planning for your busy season? We’re right around the corner from our busy season. Spring and summer are all about inventory acquisition. We have yard sales, rummage sales, used book sales at the libraries and all around good weather to get out to the thrift stores and the very fun treasure hunt like estate sales. Yeah!

Speaking of the estate sales, we have done quite well at them. You may get a feel for what sort of community you’re headed for before you go to decide if it’s worth the bother. Generally speaking, as a book seller I don’t go for the newer tract homes where the yuppie new parents live. Yes, they’re good for a clothing seller but not a book seller. Remember to go to the kitchen and comb the shelves for a Betty Crocker Pie edition cook book. 🙂 You heard it here, first.

I like to hit a couple websites to help me plan my outings. Here they are: < – look under garage sales for the listings in your area


Top Sellers of the Month


MY BIBLE STORY BOOK~Dena Korfka~1988~PB $50 Thrift $2

TARZAN OF THE APES~Edgar Rice Burroughs~Hogarth~1972~HBDJ~$30 Thrift $2

THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS~Corinne Malvern~LGB~1949~HB~$28 FOL $.50

JUST BEFORE BED~tonn, maryjane hooper~1964~HB~$30 FOL $.50