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Known for her greeting card artwork Charlot Byj (pronounced BUY) illustrated adorable winter scenery pictures of children in the 1940s. Her most memorable creatures were red headed children. These children became her trademark. The best known are Raggy Shabby O’Hair, his sister Raggy Muffin, and their mother, M’Lady O’Hair. These have been manufactured as eleven inch dolls, too. You may find her work amongst the antiques or on auction out on town. Her booklet art written by Beth Vardon was featured during the holidays and issued in boxes with greeting cards enclosed. Often these pages contained pop up fold outs, pull out greeting cards and attached apparatus such as small real flutes, whistles and even Chiclets gun. Sometimes running across these treasures can be both a blessing and a curse because you may not be able to dig up much information on them during your research.

The booklets issued during Christmas were in boxes and Davey and the First Christmas, Stevie’s Christmas, and the Wonderful Window all include flutes/whistles amongst the pages. The Little Lamb includes a bell, a stable to assemble and a pack of Chiclets gum! Christmas at the Little Zoo is a hardcover book which includes a ruler and a ticket to the zoo along with a greeting card. Velvet Eyes Santa’s Little Helper is an adorable felt covered spiral bound booklet with an affixed gold colored star, there is a pull out game and it also issued in a box. This book includes stickers and if they have been used I read a listing where the seller mentioned that they were carefully placed in the appropriate spaces. Isn’t that clever? Christmas Time has ornaments on the back cover which can be cut out. Watch for Charlot Byj’s figurines by Goebel.

Listing hints: Some people spell Byj ‘Byi’ so perhaps including both spellings will draw more buyers. Beth Vardon draws buyers but if you have to choose between the names include Charlot Byj since her following crosses from media to figurines to dolls. If you don’t have the issued box don’t fret because there still is demand for the spiral booklets. Be sure to check all the pop ups and interactive pieces to see if all is present.

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