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If you know collectible children’s illustrators or illustrators that got their start before fame means you can find value in otherwise mundane paper. Finding their works outside of their genre and means you can not only capitalize on them but have a knowledge advantage over
about 90% of the book sellers. One such illustrator is Charley Harper. He is known for whimsical children’s illustrations but has been published in magazines and dish ware.

Ford Times 1954-1966 eBay prices

Charley Harper Childcraft sets 1969
I have heard the Harper illustrations are in the Childcraft books as early as the 1964 edition. It may be worth your while to pick up a set for $10 on eBay and see if you can’t flip the three volumes for around $100. Use lots of his pictures in the listing.childcraft 1969

CharleyDon’t forget to grab his life bio Charley Harper, The Illustrated Life by Todd Oldham.

This varies in price but does sell well into the 30 dollar range. The large format 19×13 is the collectible coffee table edition and sells for over $100.

Birds and Words was published in 1974 so if you can find a hardcover dust jacketed copy look for a signature. He signed lots of his work. Even without a signature be sure not to under price it.

Doing the research may take a bit of time, but the information is out there. Get the names of collectible illustrators and look on Wikipedia for their first publications. If they’re in old magazines, anthologies, or storybooks yo may be on to something that can sell if you market the book correctly. What I mean is use lots of pictures and the right keywords in the listing.


Of course if you’ve been on my list for any length of time you know both Betty Crocker’s Dinner for Two, The Animal Kingdom; an Introduction to the Major Groups of Animals and The Giant Book of Biology are great finds both illustrated by Charley Harper.

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