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ipaq scanner2I was recently emailed about which scan tool or scanner  I recommend. This tool is used to scan ISBNs to see what the going price is online for that book. It really is a neat piece of technology.

There are several choices on the market. I will link you to the page where I recommend buying a used scanner for less then you can buy on the data service’s websites. But first my soapbox comments. …

I really don’t understand a boot strap book seller who would rather learn by making tons of mistakes when there are tools to help you have an edge. That isn’t to say depend on your scanner to do all the head work for you but use it as an asset to your book selling knowledge.

Use tools for the trade, yes, definitely use a scanner if at all possible. It will pay for itself in a period of a month or two just in what it tells you *not* to buy. Then add the finds you would have never thought to pick up and it is definitely a needful investment. Just so long as you don’t become scanner dependent and stop learning I think every book seller can profit by use of a scan tool. I can usually get you a discount for a scanner.  so be sure to check wih me before you buy yours.

There are plenty of books and buyers to go round!

Here’s that link I promised. Neatoscan varies from other services in that it provides more data. It carries most of Amazon’s selling categories, like toys, housewares, home improvement, health and beauty, etc instead of just the books, cds, and dvds category. As a bookseller it may be overkill but games pop up at the sales sometimes so it isn’t a stretch to think you may want to check into that selling product.

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