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If you sell books online, we can help you save at least five hours of your time each week! With our monthly reports and online membership you will discover:

    • OUR LATEST UPGRADE: Four audio lessons revealing secrets to our success and how you can become a bookseller making over $3000 a month
    • Which books to buy and resell
    • How much to price them for so you don’t leave money on the table (Have you ever under priced, sold it and kicked yourself?)
    • How to make your average book listing sell for over $30 or even more money
    • What will kill your auctions quickest
    • Which keywords get traffic to your listings
    • How to retain your customers so they come back for more and more books
    • Training videos on different value points to look for in books

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Valuable Book Lists Monthly Subscription | Make Money Online!Valuable Books Monthly Hot Lists Report is not only a goldmine of information saving you tons of research time, but a guide in how to be a better business person online. We research through all the titles and after we gather the cream of the crop we write up and then provide links to each title for viewing of the pictures! Do you agree that a picture would help you better remember a valuable book title? You can be part of our exclusive membership where you will have access to over 180 titles with author, illustrator and copyright information of children’s collectible books, their prices and keywords to use in your listings. Additionally, you will have access to a private members’ page where there are audio and video lessons detailing strategies and techniques we use in our book selling business. We will also include bonus book genre such as cookbooks, non fiction and sets. Here is the crowning jewels of our subscription service. We include 5-7 pages of these leads. There are a total of SIXTY book leads with hyperlinks to go and see a picture of each book. Every book lead is a book which is commonly found and sells online for over $35. We spend hours finding the right high-quality links, provide the details and the direct link to the listing. This can and will save you hours of research, and in the process save you money. I am revealing my techniques so you can discover how having a specialty in book selling will make a difference to your bottom line. Even in this economy, our book sales have been strong. Yours can be, too.


Please take a moment and read what our happy subscribers have to say     Your links are perfect for me because I am such a visual person. I click on every single link and take a look at the picture. I save the ones I haven’t seen before. When I first subscribed I was basically focused on children’s books. But because your occasional links to other genres inspired me I’ve expanded and had several $80-125 sales from adult non-fiction books! And I’ve been introduced to lots more children’s authors & series that I didn’t know about. Thanks —Ann Tatum Bay Area, CA


Here’s another: Did you know that school doesn’t stop? You can learn every month in a wonderful way through Julie Anna’s monthly book link. I’m always amazed at how much I learn. It’s like having someone sit beside me and say, “Wow, would you look at this book.” The research and hours spent are quite evident. Julie Anna has been an inspiration to grow my business and her links are something I look forward to every month. Think of not only hearing about a good book, but seeing how it was presented and how it sold. She also is great about pointed out how it could have been done even better. There is a huge return on your money spent here. I can’t say enough nice things about one of my favorite mentors. –Kathy Erickson As far as book selling – thanks goes to your ebook, the monthly subscriber book lists. I have learned so much. I like the fact I can spend a $1 and make $20 and up on one book. It wasn’t that way with my previous inventory. The first monthly book list that I received from you had a Christmas book that I was able to find for .25 cents. I sold it that next week for $50. I think I was hooked from then on and really enjoy it! Thanks —Angela Deck,Newcastle, WY

Here are some questions we hear frequently. I thought I’d post them here just in case you might have similar questions:

Q.- I don’t have time to figure out how to make money selling a special genre book. Our response – This is why I have created a report for you. I do the work anyhow to keep myself educated. One day I thought I should share this information with other people.

Q.- Aren’t you afraid of creating competition for yourself? Our response – No way! Do you have any idea how many people surf the ‘net these days? Additionally, a great many of those folks have purchased something online and the people who have not are likely to make a book their first purchase. This means they are not only looking for information they are buying customers. Many people sell information online – some have better content than others.

Q.- How do I know you will actually deliver valuable information? Our response – We cover sixty different book titles each and every month. This is not just a list. It is a collaboration of many facts and details about each book and it includes hyperlinks (clickable links) to a picture of the book cover. Also, you get to see a closed eBay auction of the book to do further research yourself. That information is coupled with my many years of experience. I am still selling online and “practicing what I preach.”

Q.- Is there a guarantee this information will make me money? Our response – I can’t guarantee you will make money by consuming the information I send. As a matter of fact, I’m inclined to say you will not make any money by reading my report. You must take action on the information you learn from me. You will have to find the books and list the books with my suggested helps. Then, yes, I guarantee you will make money eventually, and I have seen more then a few times my subscribers triple their investments with just one book find. It happens over and over again.

Q.- I have bought information before and had questions. Can I contact you and not a help desk if I get stuck?

Our response – Absolutely. I’m not about making money. My vision is way bigger than that. I want to help YOU make money so you can do the things you’d like to do. I feel strongly that I am responsible to help you do as much as humanly possible should you need help. I am personable and answer every one of my emails myself. I care about my subscribers.

What are you waiting for? Just click the “Join Now” button and you will be redirected to our subscription sign up page. The cost is $9.97 for thirty days. Your account will be charged each month. It is very easy to unsubscribe. Instructions are on the website so don’t be afraid to take a test drive.

$9.95 a month

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Another testimonial from Patty King:

I decided to bite the bullet and spend a little money in hopes of gaining Patty King familyknowledge which would in turn help me earn a bigger profit on ebay.

Besides, I figured it was a good business write-off. Oh my goodness! I couldn’t believe the amount of information I would received from these book links.For the small amount of money I pay to subscribe, I have been able to increase my sales substantially. Since subscribing, I have learned so much! I have a much better handle on what types of books sell and are in a great demand. Because I can click on auctions, I am able to actually see a picture of the book that is such a great seller. This is incredible, because so many of us are visual learners. I now have a HUGE file filled with awesome books to look for when I am out shopping, and I have Book Jewels Book Links to thank. They have saved me the time of doing an enormous amount of research. Because of these links, I have started to see a much BIGGER profit with my ebay auctions + I am able to sell what I love! I actually can’t wait until a new month when I know I will have a new email from Julie Anna with another month’s worth of incredible books to keep an eye out for! Thanks for developing this incredible idea and making it available to us. I don’t know where I’d be without it. Thanks—Patty King