About Julie

IMG_0982My name is Julie Anna Schultz. I live in rural upstate NY. I have eleven children, one husband, three chickens, a bunny and a dog. Not acquired in that order. :)

Since 2002, I’ve been teaching people how to buy and sell children’s collectible books online.

I currently sell books myself through five online selling venues with an inventory valued over $40,000. I earn my living exclusively through the internet. I was able to bring my husband into the business from corporate America and support our then only nine children selling books online. I’ve enjoyed the freedoms the internet allows and have been able to homeschool all the way up to graduation many of our children while running a successful online business. Today I do consulting through my own private membership forum.

I have been working with clientele and writing informational publications for the online business market for over ten years. I recently retired my  2400-member online discussion forum through Yahoogroups where I taught and mentored eBay sellers. As that forum became less active I developed an online community through Facebook and I’ve helped many sellers make the leap from eBay to set up a business on Amazon. For several years, I was an editor for Craig Stark’s quite informative all things books website Bookthink. I have published articles in the collectible children’s genre as well as what makes a book valuable and exactly what to look for in selling books online. I did this in collaboration with Mr. Stark and feel honored to have been part of his team for the years I worked there. I’m counted as a contributing expert and am active on several private online forums – my expertise is especially valuable in the “selling on Amazon.com” portion of one of the largest training forums on the internet. I love helping “stuck” people brainstorm and get unstuck. My idea of success is when a lightbulb goes on for a person who himself wants to find success in an online business. I now have a private membership forum geared for just those who are interested in selling books online. You can take a look at sellchildrensbooks.com

My vision is to help people who want to free up their only irredeemable asset – their time. Through coaching those interested in an online business my goal is to help people realize if they’re willing to work hard and be creative they can tailor their business to free up their time while enjoying the reward of quality work. One of my favorite quotes is “Perfect freedom is reserved for the man who lives by his own work and in that work does what he wants to do.”

I am very personable and answer my email constantly. If you have written me and not heard from me then assume I didn’t get it and please try again.

I want to hear your thoughts. I’ll blog post at familybusinessideas.com about anything you want to talk about. It is all about you.