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Selling Children’s Books; an Art

Feature Article written by Julie Anna Schultz

Sell points for children’s books can be a blast to work with. There are so many. You can focus on the time era, the content, the illustrations, the binding, superior condition of the copy you hold, the scarcity, or all of those features. Every aspect of selling in the collectible children’s market is best served through photographs and folksy whimsical descriptions. You need not take a lot of time to describe the book, however, adding to the description a point of the book such as a dust jacket blurb, an author or illustrator fact, or a telling topic sentence or two from the main character can go a very long way.

Personalizing the description is helpful, too. I sold lots of books in the beginning of my book selling career when I had more time to spend writing descriptions just because I added personal opinions about the content of the book.

Pictures of the condition of the book are important. Be sure to get the whole book cover in the frame of the picture. I like to focus on one or two of the illustrations especially if its a picture book. Of course that would dictate a venue such as eBay.

Amazon is a different story with the photographs but still to add a detailed description isn’t a bad idea especially when selling high end books. We’re dealing with a different market than a general stock book market. Remember, these are shoppers looking for old books typically either for a gift or to stock their relation’s libraries or even to replace a childhood copy. I can’t begin to number the times I have received a buyer email from a relation to the author or illustrator of an out of print book thanking me for listing my copy.

Remember, that while we work this as business, we can enjoy what we do.


Top Sellers of the Month

The Newlywed Game~Second Edition~New~$70 Thrift $2

Explore and Learn~Grolier~6 Volume Set~HB~$60 School Library $0

Eloise Wilkin’s Babies~A Golden Book~1993~PB~$30 Thrift $2

The Train to Timbuctoo~A Little Golden Book~Margaret Wise Brown~$30 FOL $.50

On Top of Concord Hill~Little House: The Caroline Years~PB~$28   FOL $.50