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Learning about Lotting Our Books

When the market is a little soft sometimes it helps to be a bit ingenious with your listings. At present, many booksellers are finding success with lotting paperback book series. These are an excellent find when picked up on the bag sale. I recommend not spending more than a quarter or so on each title […]

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Knowledge vs. Technology in Book Selling

What is Your Razor Edge Business Strategy? Today I have some advice for the bookseller but it translates loosely across many seller categories. I talk about book selling because that’s what I happen to have my experience in. To get something out of the article as an online seller just

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Keyword Research for Ebay Sellers

I received a question about listing on eBay.  I thought I would give the question more thought and answer it here.   How do you know which keywords work well when listing on eBay?           Going Deeper with Keyword Research The first response is to always

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Jolly Roger Bradfield

A Featured Children’s Books Illustrator A successful creator of children’s books, he has won awards for his writing and illustration in this field and has had his books chosen as Junior Literary Guild selections. Bradfield is perhaps best-known for writing and illustrating the comic strip Dooley’s World, which was syndicated world-wide by

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Our Top Ten List for the Month

Our Top Sellers for August FOL stands for the Friends of the Library. These are the organizations that sell the book which were donated to raise funds for various public libraries. If you go to eBay or Amazon and put the title in the search box you will see the closed

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13 Places to Find Used and New Books to Resell

It’s been said books are everywhere. This is very true. We have some ideas of where you can find inventory even if you don’t have what you think is a local source to find books. Here are thirteen suggestions: 1. Your own shelves: what are you and your family ready

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Collectible Author & Illustrator Duo

Gene Zion has authored several titles. His wife illustrated quite a few with him. Their seasonal books also can be worth a bit. We have sold this book three times and each time for about $100! Once for $149! It is scarce but can be found. Gene Zion is an

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Top Ten List for the Month

Our Top Sellers for June FOL stands for the Friends of the Library. These are the organizations that sell the book which were donated to raise funds for various public libraries. If you go to eBay or Amazon and put the title in the search box you will see the

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Charles Harper Collectible Work

  If you know collectible children’s illustrators or illustrators that got their start before fame means you can find value in otherwise mundane paper. Finding their works outside of their genre and means you can not only capitalize on them but have a knowledge advantage over about 90% of the

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Mission Statement; Do You Have Yours Written?

Planning for success. Writing your mission statement. Do you know what your goals are? Think of your goals as the objectives to complete the mission. Like the saying goes if you don’t know where you’re going you’ll surely get there. The mission statement is a parameter that envelopes the goals. An

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Thingamu …..What?? Collectible Book Alert

Some things just are learned as you go along in your trade. This particular series has several books worth about $30.  Click here to see the Thingamujig completed sales on eBay There are several titles in this particular series: Dos and Don’ts Book of Manners Health and Safety Christmas Help

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Vintage Catalogs for Resale

Catalogs are the name of the game! Yard sailing is the perfect place to be looking for these gems. Do you remember our first yard sailing training point? Always ask! Here’s a great question to drop at all your buying places, “Do you have more books, catalogs, ….. inside or somewhere else that

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How Can I Hire the Kids to Help Sell Books?

What about the Kids Jobs with the Online Business? Can I Hire my Kids to Help? A frequent question I am asked is what jobs can we do with the kids. I admit kids jobs are not always the easiest to find even if you are there to help them

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